BP-Azerbaijan: SCPX activities continued successfully

# 11:58
18 November 2016

Baku – APA-Economics. In the third quarter of 2016, SCPX activities continued successfully along the pipeline route across Azerbaijan and Georgia, BP-Azerbaijan told APA-Economics. 


In Azerbaijan, mainline construction continued with approximately 196km of pipe welded, 177km of pipe coated and 168km of pipe lowered into trenches. Trenching, lowering, laying and backfilling activities are progressing.


In Georgia, trenching, lowering and laying activities continued during the third quarter. Mainline construction continued with nearly 59km of pipe welded and coated, and about 52km of pipe lowered into trenches. Tunnelling at the Kura East location is complete with pipe installation due to commence in the fourth quarter of this year.


Main construction works have continued at both of the Compressor Stations and the Metering Station in Georgia. Compressor Station 1 (CSG1) construction works are approximately 80% complete and on track for 2017 delivery. Compressor Station 2 (CSG2) and Metering Station (Area 81) construction works are planned to be delivered in 2018.