Close participation of European financial organizations in SGC realization will be important – Azerbaijani president

# 11:46
23 February 2017

According to him, Azerbaijan has established close cooperation with the European Commission in realization of significant projects: “We could create unique and exemplary international cooperation format”.


He noted that realization of this project is also important for future links: “Contract of the Century signed in 1994 played an important role in realization of the energy projects. Modern Azerbaijan gained achieved thanks to this contract. Shahdeniz gas field attaches great importance in the Southern Gas Corridor. This field plays a significant role for recognition of Azerbaijan as a country having huge gas reserves. Regional cooperation on the project is important. Energy projects implemented by Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia for long years are just a few examples”.


The president noted that such meetings play a special role in timely completion of the projects: “Some progresses were observed after last year’s meeting. Azerbaijan also started to develop Absheron gas field. This shows that Azerbaijan’s gas potential is not limited by only Shahdeniz. I’d like to note activity of the international financial organizations in realization of the Southern Gas Corridor. Close participation of European financial organizations in SGC realization will be important.


The SGC is an issue of energy security and the energy security is referred to the national security of the countries. Existing international cooperation in this sphere is an example of mutual confidence. The ecological issues considered within the project are based on the high standards”.