General Manager: TANAP can also transport Iraq’s gas in future

# 11:08
17 April 2018

Construction of Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) is about to complete, TANAP General Manager Saltuk Duzyol said at briefing.  


According to him, the project has already been completed by 93%: ‘1,340 km of pipeline has already been constructed’.


He said that Turkey will receive first gas from Azerbaijan in July: ‘BOTAS will deliver 6 bcm of gas to Turkey in a year. We aim to create a new gas chain and TANAP is the fourth part of this chain’.  


According to him, Iraqi gas may also be transported via this pipeline in the future: ‘Currently, the pipeline’s capacity is 16 bcm. This figure will be 24 bcm in 2023, 31 bcm in 2026’.