Kemaleddin Heydarov: “None of previously stated remarks were not taken into account”

# 23:45
4 July 2018

"I went to the spot where the accident occurred. I noticed that the oil inside the section of the current was spilled and burned the cables in the channels,” said Minister of Emergency  Situations Kemaleddin Heydarov at a meeting chaired by President Ilham Aliyev on the state of the country’s energy system.


K. Heydarov said that Azerenergy did not comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


"We used to write in the letters sent to Azerenerji that the surface of these channels must be tightly closed, they should not be open, so that in case of any accident, oil does not pour out there. Unfortunately, the surface of the channels passing in front of almost all 63 switches was not strengthened. The conclusion to which we came as a result of the observation carried out jointly with the members of the commission, the staff of the General Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, local security agencies, is that indeed none of the observations we made before were taken into account. The area was not cleared of dry grass. It can be said that none of the cooling units worked. The temperature of the water coming from the bottom of the Mingachevir reservoir - right now it is said that this is an old problem - should have been 12 degrees, on the day of the accident the water temperature was 28 degrees, and yesterday - 26 degrees.” said K.Heydarov.


The minister noted that any accident on electric lines is a result of the lack of coordination and operational communication between the relevant structures involved in this: “We talked there with the power engineers and asked why the unit went out of operation for the second time. We were holding a meeting there, and suddenly the electricity went out. Nobody could tell us why the current installation suddenly shut down. We with other structures each in their channels tried to find out where the accident occurred. Someone said that the Shirvan station was overloaded. Someone said that It happened in connection with an increase in tension on the Baku-Absheron line. The questions we wrote for years, we submitted yesterday to the General Prosecutor's Office and at the same time to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”


Heydarov said that the main conclusion to which he came as a result of the observations is that this station is physically obsolete: “Before allocating funds for its repair, if possible, an organization that has an international experience in this area, should conduct an audit there to determine its state. After that, other companies should submit proposals on how to build it, and generally how to work the system around the country not interfering each other, but to support each other. In the event of an accident at any substation, thermal power plant and other power plants in the country did not have problems.”


President Ilham Aliyev instructed K. Heydarov to submit these proposals to the commission, adding that these must necessarily be reflected in the final conclusion.