President: Azerbaijani gas will play a major role in solution of issues of Bulgaria's energy security

# 11:53
13 October 2017

“We discussed different aspects of Bulgaria-Azerbaijan relations at one-on-one and expanded meetings. We once more proved that Azerbaijan and Bulgaria are friendly, fraternal countries and our partnership is of great importance. We signed the Joint Declaration on strategic partnership two years ago. Bulgaria and Azerbaijan are strategic partners. Our political relations are at high level and today, the subject of discussion was basing on the cooperation in economic, transport, energy, tourism and other areas. There might be great perspectives in this area. Of course, were cannot be satisfied with the volume of mutual trade turnover. At today’s meeting, relevant bodies were given instructions to submit concrete proposals on increase of the trade turnover”, he said.


The head of state noted that Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) will launch direct flights to Sofia: “Preparation works are underway. I’m sure that all negotiations will yield results and Baku-Sofia and Sofia-Baku flights will be launched soon. I assess it as a result of the visit. Of course, we have today discussed energy cooperation. We are strategic partners in this area too. Bulgaria is the member of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC). Bulgaria has always been represented in the SGC Advisory Council's meeting in Baku and implementation of the SGC project will lead to our countries to be closer. This is a transnational project. Its financial capacity makes up $40 billion and this project will connect 7 countries. Shahdeniz gas will be transported to European countries, regional countries, including Bulgaria. I’m sure that Azerbaijani gas will play a major role in solution of issues of Bulgaria's energy security”.


The president added that they exchanged opinions on next cooperation in energy, in particular, gas: “Transportation of Azerbaijani gas to Bulgaria will give us new opportunities for future cooperation. I informed the president that Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will be launched soon. This also is a historical project and I’m sure that Bulgaria will actively participate in this project. This area is important for both Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. Humanitarian and educational cooperation will strengthen the ground for our relations. The issues abovementioned prove that our cooperation is multidimensional and successful. The president’s visit proves my words”.