President: Gasifying reached 92% in Azerbaijan

# 13:25
17 April 2017

Gasifying has reached 92%in Azerbaijan. I remember one of main problems was related to gas during my first visits to the regions as the president. At that time, there were problems on gas supply even in the district centres. Baku was not supplied with gas 100 percent. We almost solved this problem, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the republican conference of non-oil exporters in Yevlakh.


The head of state noted that reach of gasifying 92% is a great success for every country: “However, we are not satisfied with this, we’ll increase it in the next years”.


Regarding road infrastructure, the president noted that after the first program was adopted, over 11,000 km road has been constructed: “All roads connecting us with the neighboring countries either have been launched or about to be launched. Two roads were launched in Yevlakh yesterday. Main rural roads in Yevlakh district are almost in normal condition. New roads connecting hundreds of villages will be launched this year. Roads attach great importance for delivery of products to the markets. At the same time, no investment is made and no development is observed in the places without roads. These were key directions of the program”.