Renewable energy to meet 100% of power demand in Nakhchivan

# 15:26
16 May 2018

Large infrastructure projects have been implemented in Nakhchivan. The issue on gasification of Nakhchivan AR has been solved for over 10 years. We have just gasified Azerbaijan by 93-95% and this will reach 95% this year. However, Nakhchivan has been gasified by 100%, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the meeting with the teaching staff of Nakhchivan Teachers Institute and representatives of the general public


He noted that energy issues have been solved: ‘8 power stations were built during recent years. After launch of Ordubad Water Power Station, renewable energy will meet 100% of power demand in Nakhchivan. Today, Nakhchivan can export power. Nakhchivan’s population is increasing, industrial production will continue to increase. Therefore, we must pay special attention this issue’.


Head of state noted that drinking water projects are successfully implemented: ‘Today, we launched drinking water supply and sewerage systems in Sharur city and surrounding villages. Before it, drinking water projects in Nakhchvan, Shahbuz, Julfa cities have been implemented. Motor roads are being constructed. Julfa-Ordubad motor road is being constructed and this is the last project. This infrastructure shows Nakhchivan’s potential’.