Several filling stations stop selling Premium gasoline

Several filling stations stop selling Premium gasoline
# 04 November 2016 12:56 (UTC +04:00)

“We have not been buying Premium gasoline for two days and bought AI-95 gasoline”, one of the drivers said.


APA-Economics held survey among the companies having filling stations.


LUKoil-Azerbaijan told APA-Economics that the company buys Premium gasoline from SOCAR Petroleum: “They limited sale of this gasoline. Probably, the problem will be solved in one or two days”.


Tosoil also gave a same answer.


Azpetrol did not comment on the issue.


Gunesh Petrol also said sale of Premium gasoline has been stopped. However, the official of the company said the problem will be solved till tomorrow.


Along with this, the companies said deficiency of the products will not cause price rise.


SOCAR Petroleum press secretary Uzeyir Habibayli noted that the problem is about to be solved: As you know, this gasoline is imported. There was a problem in import. It has already been solved. Our customers are already being supplied with this gasoline. The deficiency is caused by high demand for this gasoline“.