SOCAR announces base price of crude oil and gas

# 13:56
20 September 2017

According to him, SOCAR’s cost oil (691,080 tonnes) and profit oil (1,516,280 tonnes) from ACG block of fields were exported.           


“SOCAR produced 6,266,800,000 cubic meters of gas during this period, imported 298,400,000 cubic meters and purchased 3,463,600,000 cubic meters from Shahdeniz field in accordance with the agreement. At the same time, 2,762,600,000 cubic meters of associated gas was received from ACG. 9,677,100,000 cubic meters of produced, purchased and received gas were sold in the domestic market, 1,321,400,000 - exported”, he added.  


He says the base price of crude oil on SOCAR made up AZN 97.81 a ton. At the same time, the base price of gas made up AZN 46.77 for 1,000 cubic meters.