South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion project now ‘96% complete’

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17 August 2017

In the first half of 2017, the South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion (SCPX) project continued successfully along the pipeline route across Azerbaijan and Georgia; overall, 96% of the construction and commissioning scope is already completed, BP Azerbaijan said in a report on Aug. 17. 


In Azerbaijan, mainline construction continues with approximately 370km of pipe welded and 263km of backfill complete. All five of the planned horizontal directional drilling activities have also been completed, the last one having been completed in April 2017, said the report. In Georgia, mainline construction is complete with about 62km of pipe welded, coated, lowered into trenches and backfilled.


According to the report, hydro-testing of the pipeline is ongoing in both Azerbaijan and Georgia. Five hydro-test sections have been completed on the pipeline in Azerbaijan and 11 hydro-test sections have been completed in Georgia.


Construction works continue at the two compressor stations in Georgia, with 99% progress at the first and 82% at the second station achieved. Both stations are on track for 2018 start up. Metering station (Area 81) construction works are approximately 98% complete and on track for 2017 start-up.