STAR refinery to produce diesel meeting 1/3 part of Turkish demand

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1 November 2017

In the eight months of 2017 Turkey consumed 15.6 million tonnes of diesel, while this figure was 14.4 million ton in the same period of 2016.


During the reporting period, Turkey produced 7.2 million tonnes of diesel (5.9 million tonnes in 2016).


In January-August 2017 Turkey imported 8.354 million tonnes of diesel, down 0.47% from previous year.


Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) of Turkey said that oil refiner Tupras opened $3.0 bln fuel oil conversion facility in order to increase the diesel production in the domestic market.


EMRA says that STAR Refinery, which will be launched in the third quarter of 2018, will produce 4.7 million tonnes of diesel – equal to 1/3 of total import. Launch of refinery will allow Turkey to save $2.5B in import.