Azerbaijan's Caucasus Muslims Office advice to postpone sermons and joint worships in mosques amid coronavirus

# 05 March 2020 15:20 (UTC +04:00)

The Caucasus Muslims Office of Azerbaijan has announced recommendations regarding coronavirus, the Office told APA.

The recommendations read that preventive measures have been started, the sanitary-epidemic condition has seriously been taken under control in Azerbaijan like neighboring countries in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and its damages in most states of the world recently.

The CMO says that Azerbaijan carries out all possible medical sanitary and public safety measures in order to prevent the spread of disease in our country. "Taking into account the numerous appeals of religious people of the country, suggestions of regional confessors and authorized representatives, Caucasian Muslims Office has appealed to all mosques and places for pilgrimages in the country with instructions and recommendations in order to prevent the coronavirus infection."

“We recommend our religious people to perform the ritual prays of Islam at home as far as possible, and to cancel all events held inside mosques, including the mass prayer vigils dedicated to the Prophet’s birthday, the testimony meetings and the funeral repasts if the sanitary and epidemiological situation does not allow for it. Indeed, in order not to expose others to infectious diseases, it is compliant with our Sharia rules to postpone for certain period the Friday pray and other ceremonies, but in no case does it mean the closing of mosques and sanctuaries. Our cadis and religious figures are charged with delivering at their activity area to religious people and community members our attitude and recommendations regarding the existing situation”, the recommendations read.