Allahshukur Pashazade: “Azerbaijan is a unique example of national unity, spiritual solidarity, religious and cultural diversity”

# 13:22
21 August 2019

"Success of our nation, independent state makes me glad. Return to our religious and national values, transformation from country with just 17 mosques to 2000 mosque country, existence of our state as one that act as owner of Islamic heritage, demonstrate multiculturalism to the world, call for Islamic solidarity and respect for universal values makes me proud”, said Chairman of Caucasus Muslims Office Sheikh-ul Islam Haji Allahshukur Pashazade, APA reports.

“As a Sheikh-ul Islam, seeing a demonstration of political will in such large-scale works by our President makes me pleased. Announcement of the Multiculturalism and Islamic Solidarity years in our country serves the common goal, objective and reason. Thus, the Azerbaijani state makes a valuable and personal contribution to processes in the world”

CMO chairman noted that President Ilham Aliyev is an active promoter of multiculturalism idea in the world and author of Baku process on intercultural cooperation: “Globally valuable initiatives of the Head of State serve the general development of the world, the ways of peace and peaceful coexistence. Constant organization of Global Forums on humanitarian, intercultural dialogue in Baku is especially important among these initiatives. Hosting high-level events of the UN and OIC, Azerbaijan has always been a supporter of progressive ideas that promote peace and mutual understanding in the region and around the world. Azerbaijan, which has international relations based on mutual respect with both Islamic and the Western world, acts as the guardian of both national-moral and universal values”.

A. Pashazade stated that Ilham Aliyev who clearly understands the importance of universal values always expresses the necessity of these values for the world, strictly denounces the distortions in the name of Islam, manifestations of Islamophobia and protests the linking the name of Islam with extremism and terrorism: “Opening of section of Islamic culture in Louvre Museum in Paris, organization of the exhibition of the first Islamic country - Azerbaijan in the Vatican are our contribution to the Islamic culture”