State Committee: Armenian Church in Baku preserved by state

# 17:47
14 November 2019

“Although 96% of Azerbaijani population is Muslim, other religious confessions function freely and independently too”, Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations (SCRA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mubariz Gurbanli said at the 2nd Baku Summit of World Religious Leaders, APA reports.

He stated that besides mosques, construction and repair of churches and synagogues are also attached special importance in Azerbaijan.

M.Gurbanli noted that, although Azerbaijani lands have been occupied by Armenia, there has not been any discrimination against Armenians living in the country: “Despite, Armenians carry out the policy to change toponyms in the historical Azerbaijani lands and armenianize religious monuments there the Armenian church located in the centre of Baku is protected by Azerbaijani state.”