“Threats of religious radicalism in Azerbaijan have almost been eliminated”

# 09:51
17 August 2017

Compared to previous years, the threats of religious radicalism in Azerbaijan have almost been eliminated, the deputy chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, Gunduz Ismayilov, said on Thursday, APA reported.  


He noted that this was made possible through the fight against radical religious organizations, both in administrative and economic fields, as well as the education work done in this direction. 


“In Azerbaijan, radical religious groups have no strong support. Religious radicalism is spread in countries with a low level of illiteracy,” Ismayilov said, stressing that Azerbaijan is in constant fight against superstition and continues taking administrative measures against radical religious groups.


Touching upon the reports of a possible influx of members of radical religious groups to the Caucasus and Azerbaijan against the backdrop of the struggle against the Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq, the deputy chairman said that in recent years, Azerbaijan has recorded no cases of joining illegal armed groups in conflict zones outside the country.   


According to Ismayilov, this fact itself gives grounds to assert that the measures taken to prevent religious radicalism in Azerbaijan have brought concrete results.