Azerbaijan abolishing certain restrictions on foreigners leading religious ceremonies

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24 April 2017

Azerbaijan is set to lift certain restrictions on foreign nationals and stateless persons leading religious ceremonies in the country.


In this regard, an amendment is proposed to be made to Article 1 of the Law on freedom of religion, APA reported.


According to the draft amendment, foreign nationals and stateless persons, except religious figures invited to Azerbaijan by a religious center, are banned from leading religious ceremonies in the country.


According to the current version of the law, foreigners and stateless persons are banned from leading religious ceremonies in Azerbaijan.


The document was tabled at a meeting of Azerbaijani Parliament’s Committee on public associations and religious organizations on April 24.


The committee chairman, Siyavush Novruzov, said that several religious communities have appealed to the committee after such a ban was imposed in October last year.


“We also think that representatives of some religious centers in various countries can lead religious ceremonies in Azerbaijan,” he added.


The draft amendment was recommended for discussion at a plenary session of the parliament.