Azerbaijani parliament amends law on religious freedom

# 14:14
16 May 2017

Amendments proposed to the law on freedom of religion were discussed by the Azerbaijani parliament on May 15.


The chairman of the parliamentary Committee on public associations and religious organizations, Siyavush Novruzov, gave information about the draft law, according to which the Caucasus Muslims Office, after agreeing with the relevant executive authorities, can authorize Azerbaijani citizens who received religious education abroad to lead religious ceremonies in the country, APA reported.


In the proposed amendments, foreigners and stateless persons, except religious figures invited by the religious centers, are prohibited to conduct religious propaganda.


Moreover, in accordance with the amendments, the religious center, in coordination with relevant executive body, will realize sending of citizens to religious educational institutions abroad, and exchange of students and teachers of religious educational institutions, as well as religious leaders and experts.


The draft law was put to vote and approved.