Azerbaijani State Committee: Some people want to turn their house or garage into mosque

# 10:24
29 June 2018

The majority of the heads of religious communities in Azerbaijan are unaware of the regulations of their own community, said Gunduz Ismayilov, deputy chairman of the State Committee of Azerbaijan on Religious Organizations.


He made the remarks at a republican conference on the theme “The legal basis of state-religion relations” in Baku on Friday, APA reports.


Ismayilov noted that non-Muslim religious communities are better informed compared to Muslim communities.


He added that the law concerns cases of teaching holy books.


“In most cases, Quran lessons are given in places other than the mosque. The law concerning the teaching of holy books must be complied with. We support the opening of Quran courses. However, a permit should be sought from the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) for this purpose. The law must also be followed with regard to the teaching of other holy books,” he said.


The deputy chairman noted that today some people are engaged in religious activities outside mosques, churches.


"Some people want to turn their garage of house into a mosque. Anyone can worship at their house, but no one can turn their house into a mosque. You can see that people come to mass prayers to places where people once used a garage to keep a car which is unacceptable. Some groundless cases fall in the reports of some international organizations,” he said.


Ismayilov warned that the State Committee will not tolerate propaganda of any sect, radical groups in the country’s district and villages.