Azerbaijani State Committee on Work with Religious Organization may be granted additional power

# 10:47
29 June 2018

There are some religious communities registered at Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Justice by 2000 whose legal addresses are homes or garages, said Gunduz Ismayilov, deputy chairman of the State Committee of Azerbaijan on Religious Organizations.


He made the remarks at a republican conference on the theme “The legal basis of state-religion relations” in Baku on Friday, APA reports.


“But since the law has been amended and religious communities began to be registered in the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, there have been no such cases,” he said.


Ismayilov added that the abrogation of these religious communities’ registration causes some problems.


“The State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations admits that these problems exist. The State Committee can not abolish these religious communities and has to bring the case to court. Also, some religious communities and their leaders have been inactive for years. Some are outside of the country or engage in scientific work in the country. Registration of another religious community in that mosque often causes problems and the older community’s chairman bows out from participation in legal procedures. In this case, court is the only way,” he said.


Ismayilov added that the State Community would be happy to be given the power to liquidate such religious communities.