Azerbaijani State Committee warns over recitation of adhan at various times in Ramadan

# 09:03
24 May 2018

The Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) has issued a fatwa on adhan times (call to prayer) in Ramadan, all mosques must follow it, Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Mubariz Gurbanli told APA.


He said that along with fatwa, the CMO has also issued an officially approved calendar.


“This calendar has been prepared according to the one approved by the Shamakhi Observatory. When we receive information on mosques reciting adhan not according to the officially approved calendar, we will send our local representatives there. Imam and imam-naib of those mosques will be warned. If such cases are repeated, we will carry out strict measures. These measures envisage compiling of protocol and imposition of fines. We haven’t received any information about violation of the calendar so far. We try to prevent such cases,” the chairman noted.


Gurbanli emphasized that the fatwa issued by the CMO is obligatory for all mosques.


“If everyone acts on his own, there will be chaos,” he added.