Number of Israeli tourists traveled to Azerbaijan last year increased

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11 February 2020

The number of Israeli tourists traveled to Azerbaijan in 2019 made up 47 thousand persons which means a growth by 66.8% as compared with 2018, said Bahruz Asgarov, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau, APA reports.


He said in January this year 1,722 Israeli citizens arrived in Azerbaijan which is considered a 158% growth as compared with January 2019.

“Israel is especially distinguished among the countries showing interest in Azerbaijan as a tourism destination in recent years. As compared with the previous years, a growth has occurred in the number of Israeli tourists, and the new tourism products have been developed in order to increase further the interest in Azerbaijan. It can be confidently stated that the indicators will grow further because the rich tourism potential, the ancient Jewish heritage in Azerbaijan, the friendly relations between the two nations and the mutual interests create broad opportunities for beneficial cooperation”.

Note that with the organizational support of the State Tourism Agency and the Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau, the tourism companies representing the country are participating in the “International Mediterranean Sea Tourism Market” (IMTM 2020) exhibition held in Israel’s Tel-AvivCity. Some 4 hotels, 3 tour operators and “Mountainous Jews’ Museum” are representing Azerbaijan in the exhibition with a stand of 80 square meters in area.