State Tourism Agency: “Tourist police first to operate in Baku”

# 15:54
29 November 2019

“Tourist police first will operate in Baku,” said Kenan Gasimov, head of the State Tourism Agency Office, at Azerbaijan Tourism Summit, APA reports.

According to him, the establishment of tourist police is discussed jointly with the State Tourism Agency and Ministry of Internal Affairs: “Tourist police is a part of a huge project. In fact, it is providing a single service by several government agencies supporting tourists. This will facilitate the interaction of tourists with the government agencies in Azerbaijan and provide them service via a single center.”

K. Guluzade noted that some agreements have been achieved regarding the establishment of tourist police: “Some agreements have been achieved regarding how tourist police’s uniforms will be, in which areas they to operate and which trainings they will attend. Of course, tourist police will be the persons  attended special training and who knows several languages.”