Valentine's Day offer from Chenot Palace Gabala

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1 February 2020

In honor of Valentine's Day, we invite all couples to spend this day at the Chenot Palace Gabala! This is a great opportunity to talk about your feelings and treat yourself and your significant other with wellness and relaxing treatments.

Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel in Gabala, representing a new concept of a health wellness retreat, is offering a limited-time Valentine’s Day offer for special indulgence to those, wishing to detoxify their body and mind, enhance health, improve vitality, the spirit and wellbeing with our personalized effective treatments, therapies, and products:

 - Book a 3-day or 1-week Henri Chenot Programme and get a room for 50% discount;

- Book a 2-week Henri Chenot Programme and get a complimentary room for your stay.

Every day we are exposed to toxins due to environmental pollution, consumption of processed and non-organic food, lack of physical activity, stress, and above all, the unhealthy habits and lifestyle. Over time, the accumulation of toxins clutters our bodies and damages them. Chenot Palace Gabala Health Welness Hotel in Gabala will provide you with effective signature treatments aimed at the elimination of harmful toxins, strengthening your health and improving your physical appearance.

Anyone who values the concept of wellness as a means to maintain health and performance can trust in the Chenot Palace Gabala as the ideal retreat, where youthfulness is promoted in perfect harmony.

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Address: Nohurgishlag, Gabala, Azerbaijan

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