State Tourism Agency: Sometimes tourists have been demanded money for guiding

# 13:35
24 July 2018

State Tourism Agency is planning to carry out enlightenment through social networks and media. According to the practice, every citizen in the countries intending to develop tourism is involved in this sector, spokesman for the State Tourism Agency Kanan Guluzade told APA-Economics.


According to him, some citizens have uncommon and emotional approach to tourists: ‘Of course, tourists from post-Soviet countries are not strange for our citizens. However, citizens of other countries also visit Azerbaijan. The problem is that if anyone acts unusually, this act is concerned whole nation. This is unacceptable. Enlightenment should be carried out in this sector’.


Guluzade noted that tourism is a sector that energy guest is served by 10-30 people: ‘Not only state bodies or the State Tourism Agency, but everyone should guide, smile, and serve. However, sometimes tourists have been demanded money for guiding. These are fragmental, but mustn’t happen. The tourist should be satisfied. Any concrete and unusual act makes negative impression about the country. Therefore, everyone should approach this issue sensitively’.