85 Azerbaijani sportsmen won the license for the European Games - EXCLUSİVE

# 15:19
10 April 2019

The number of the sportsmen who will participate at the 2nd European Games that will be organized at the capital city of Belarus, Minsk on June 21-30 is identified, ONA reports.

According to the information, 85 athletes obtained the license that gives the right to participate at Minsk-2019.

52 of the sportsmen are male, 33 of them are female. Our representatives will claim medals in 11 out of 15 sports branches included in the program.

Our country has not yet won licenses for the 2nd European Games in table tennis, athletics, beach football, and 3X3basketball. It is no exception to increase the number of our representatives and sports which will continue until the end of May. An exception is the team types of sports which are determined according to the rankings.

Alongside with sportsmen, the Azerbaijani delegation of 40 people will also travel to the Minsk.