InvestAZ sees growth in trading volumes on Derivatives market

# 13:37
1 December 2016

Baku – APA-Economics. Baku Stock Exchange as the only stock exchange in the country and the trade floor for an organized trading on the Capital markets has released new statistical data on  volumes of currency and commodity-based derivatives trade in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year. Since the beginning of this year until the end of the current month the transaction in the amount of 4 billion manats has been carried out. InvestAZ Investment company as a performer of strategic transactions and constantly innovative changes provided market-maker services and facilitated these financial transactions.


The transactions carried out based as on currency so on commodities. It was noted that currency based financial tools provided the largest trading volumes. Statistics show that these transactions, had been performed in the 2nd week of September. Trading volume amounted approximately to 221.000.000 manats only in one week.


Note that trading volumes on Derivatives market formed since the beginning of the current year so far represents at least 80% of the total local capital market volume.

"Invest-AZ Investment Company" Closed Joint Stock Company based on license No.087986 dated 09.01.2016 can maintain the following main investment services:

1.      brokerage for customer orders on securities or derivatives,

2.      portfolio management for private investors,

3.      investment consulting services,

4.      placement of securities and underwriting without obligation,

5.      placement of securities and underwriting by taking obligations,

6.      dealing

7.      margin trading


and the following sub-services to maintain the main investment services as:


1.      management of a customer's securities accounts as well as implementation of transactions on securities and derivatives by imposing obligations.

2.      granting loans or to owe to investors for investing or trading on securities or derivatives.

3.      providing financial analysis and investment research on securities or derivatives.

4.      exercise of collateral on provided bonds and

5.      foreign exchange to perform main investment services

The main purpose of the company which has the slogan "Success is in your hands" is to develop financial and investment tools in Azerbaijan and support those interested in this area.