Secondary market of SOCAR bonds starts at BSE today

# 08:43
18 October 2016

BSE told APA that PSG-Capital, which is underwriter of SOCAR bonds, will provide secondary market liquidity of bonds at BSE.


PSG Capital will daily present the orders on bonds since tomorrow.


Holders of SOCAR Bonds can sell and purchase the bonds by Investment Companies (AzFinance Invest, InvestAz, PAÅžA Kapital, PSG-Kapital), as well as contacting the kiosks of SOCAR Bond founded in the centers of ASAN service number 1 and number 5. In all cases, SOCAR ensures liquidity of issued bonds. The owner of the bonds with the assistance of notary may transfer or present his bonds.


SOCAR bonds placement was held on October 14. The volume of the issue is AZN 100,000,000.


Totally, 203,495,000 subscription orders have been collected.


The Financial Markets Supervisory Authority has confirmed the results of the placement.