Chief physician of Moscow coronavirus hospital dismisses reports on mass resignations

# 18:34
27 April 2020

Chief physician of Moscow’s Kommunarka hospital for coronavirus patients Denis Protsenko dismissed reports on Monday on mass resignations of junior medical staff over challenging work conditions, APA reports citing TASS.

Earlier, Telegram channel 112 reported that nursing staff of the clinic in Kommunarka was preparing to sign resignation papers. They allegedly complained about working for 48 hours without any rest breaks, foodstuffs and bonuses, as well as free hotel rooms. Meanwhile, one nurse has to treat up to 90 patients.

"There are 385 nurses working at the hospital, all of them are officially employed by the hospital. There are no mass resignations! Besides, there are 15 junior medical staff and none of them has resigned since beginning to work in Kommunarka," Protsenko wrote on his Facebook page. The remaining 137 personnel have official work contracts with the hospital.

The chief physician stressed that the hospital had enough individual protective gears and all personnel had free access to the food court in the hospital’s clean zone. Protsenko said he was ironing out the issue of paychecks for outsourcing personnel from a private company.