Global cooperation can help minimize coronavirus death toll, says Russian Foreign Ministry

# 15:38
4 April 2020

Moscow calls on all countries to closely coordinate their coronavirus response efforts in order to minimize the death toll and the pandemic’s negative impact on the global economy, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement dedicated to the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution dubbed Global Solidarity to Fight the Coronavirus Disease 2019, APA reports citing TASS.

"We call on countries to closely coordinate efforts in response to the new threat in order to minimize the loss of human life and global economic consequences. Based on the principle of solidarity, Russian continues to provide assistance in combating the coronavirus to the countries that need it the most," the statement reads.

At the same time, Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed some global players’ unwillingness to lift sanctions amid the pandemic as outrageous. "We regret that even in the face of a global health threat, they found it impossible to abandon politicized approaches," the statement adds.

"We are confident that in the current health situation, attempts to politicize infection-related discussions will have a negative effect on global efforts to contain the pandemic," the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized.