Lavrov: Moscow took maximum efforts for Europe’s peaceful development

# 17:24
13 June 2020

Russia has done everything for Europe to embark on the path of prosperity and sustainable development, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an article for the French journal Revue Politique et Parlementaire published on Saturday, APA reports citing TASS. 

The article is devoted to the 130th anniversary of the birth of 20th century French general and president Charles de Gaulle.

De Gaulle always supported the policy of developing mutually respectful relations with Moscow, which can be confirmed by the Soviet-French Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Assistance concluded in December 1944 for a period of twenty years, the Russian foreign minister said.

"However, after de Gaulle’s resignation in 1946 and the cold war that started, the potential of the treaty remained unrealized," Lavrov pointed out.


"After returning to the French political scene in 1958, the general continued its course towards promoting relations with the Soviet Union. In their consistent development, he saw not only a guarantee of the well-being of the two peoples but also the most important factor in reducing international tension and maintaining regional and global stability," the Russian foreign minister said.

After the end of the bipolar confrontation in the early 1990s, a historical chance appeared for all de Gaulle’s noble intentions, including the intention of reaching our continent’s unity for the sake of "equilibrium, progress and peace of the entire world" to be carried through, Lavrov noted.

"Russia, on its part, took maximum efforts for Europe that had lived through two world wars and then the cold war to finally embark on the path of prosperity, mutually advantageous partnership and peaceful sustainable development for the benefit of the current and future generations," Russia’s top diplomat stressed.

"Moscow invariably stood for strengthening the unifying role of such pan-European institutions as the OSCE, for example. It was our country that suggested signing the Treaty on European Security and starting joint work on creating a common space of peace, stability and wide economic and humanitarian cooperation from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean," Russia’s foreign minister said.