Lukashenko not rules out early presidential elections

# 16:01
8 September 2020

Alexander Lukashenko has said that he may have 'overstayed a little' in his post as Belarus's president, but added that he believes that only he is capable of defending his nation from the threats it faces at this time, APA reports citing Sputnik.

"Yes, it's possible that I've sat in the president's chair a little too long. It's possible that I'm being shown not only on TV, but from every iron and tea kettle as well. But in truth only I can protect Belarusians right now," Lukashenko said, in an interview with Russian journalists on Tuesday.

Lukashenko noted that he does not rule out early presidential elections following referendum-approved changes to the constitution. "We are ready to carry out a reform of the constitution. After that I won't rule out early presidential elections," he said.