Over 540 people in Moscow donate blood plasma for coronavirus patients

# 13:51
20 May 2020

More than 540 people in Moscow have donated blood plasma for the treatment of coronavirus patients, according to a statement published on the Moscow government's website on Wednesday, APA reports citing TASS.

"Over 540 people have donated blood plasma for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Moscow… So far, 340 patients have been infused with blood plasma, which is used, first and foremost, to help treat critical patients," the statement reads.

Experts from the Moscow Health Department believe that the use of blood plasma containing antibodies for the novel coronavirus could be an effective method to treat the infection.

A special hotline has been set up for Muscovites who have recovered from the coronavirus and wish to donate blood plasma. According to the hotline team, about 1,500 people are willing to become donors and more than 600 have already registered to give their plasma.


People aged between 18 and 55 who have recovered from COVID-19 can become blood plasma donors, provided they don’t have chronic illnesses and test negative for HIV, Hepatitis B and C. In accordance with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s decree, donors earn 5,000 rubles ($69) for 600 ml of plasma.