Putin urges protestors to obey rules as rallies can descend into chaos and riots

# 11:21
3 March 2020

All protestors who take part in street rallies must obey the rules of public demonstrations, or else the situation may deteriorate into riots and violence in the streets, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview for the project entitled "20 Questions with Vladimir Putin", APA's Moscow correspondent reports citing TASS.

"There are certain rules for everybody to adhere to," he said, adding that he was referring to both the supporters and opponents of the authorities. "This is the law. And it must be obeyed. Otherwise, the country’s stability will break down. Do we want to see cars torched in our streets? If there is no response, arson is bound to occur. Shop windows will be smashed to pieces and people will be harmed."

He stressed that the law allowed critics to express their point of view by means of public demonstrations, for which permission had to be obtained first.