Putin: "In future, Presidential power in Russia would not be tied to single person"

Putin: "In future, Presidential power in Russia would not be tied to single person"
# 10 March 2020 18:21 (UTC +04:00)

Russian President Vladimir Putin is assured that, with time, the top state office would not be as personified as today, APA reports citing TASS.

"I am certain that a time would come when the supreme presidential power in Russia would not be so personified, will not be tied to a certain single person," the head of state said, speaking in the lower chamber of the Parliament.

However, he noted that "all [Russia’s] history was shaped exactly like this and, of course, we cannot take it into account."

"I very well realize my own responsibility before the Russian citizens," the head of state said. "I see that people, or at least the majority of the society expect my own estimations, my decision on key issues of forming of the power of state, both now and after 2024."


Putin considers internal political stability one of the most vulnerable points of Russia.

"Everyone understands clearly that a lot of things have been done, what is called ‘with chewing gum’, and we still have a lot of vulnerable things," the head of state said. "I’m speaking about internal stability, enthnic and religious accord, economic and social development."

According to the President, he believes "it is clear, why the issue of forming of […] presidential power is being discussed more and more sharply over the course of work on the constitutional amendments."

"It is the president who is the guarantor of the Constitution, or, simply speaking, a guarantor of security of our state, its internal stability and internal, evolutionary development."

"It is ‘evolutionary’ specifically. We had enough of revolutions. Russia has fulfilled its plan on revolutions," Putin underscored.

The President disclosed that he sees during his trips across the country that these issues concern the citizens no less than the lawmakers.

"These concerns are understandable," Putin said.