Pyotr Tolstoy: "Azerbaijan is one of the countries being in the target of PACE"

# 15:59
3 February 2020

“There are countries being in the target of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). And Azerbaijan is one of those countries”, said Pyotr Tolstoy, Head of Russia’s delegation to PACE and Vice Speaker of PACE in his statement to APA’s Moscow correspondent.

“As far as Russia wasn’t present in PACE, Azerbaijan was criticized a much. And now they will proceed with this. This is not so much fearful, and this will pass off. The actions of PACE bear a recommendatory nature. The main issue is the sovereignty of our countries and the will of our voters”, P. Tolstoy stressed.

The Russian parliamentarian talking about the cooperation of delegations of the two countries at PACE said the relations were at high level: “There is a good cooperation between the two countries in the framework of PACE. I hope that our cooperation will continue to develop from now on”.