Russian medical mask maker suspends production over materials shortage

# 22:01
3 February 2020

A medical equipment maker in Rostov-on-Don suspended production of medical masks due to shortage of foreign materials, the factory source said, APA reports citing TASS.

Earlier, a number of local media and Telegram channels reported that, due to heightened load on the factory, 3 out of 4 machines broke down, and mask stockpile rapidly depleted due to high demand. Ironically, the masks use Chinese filtering material, while local replacement is considerably more expensive.

"One machine is working, three do not; we’re out of materials. Once materials come, we’ll be able to work again," the source said.

According to the company source, mask production has been suspended for two weeks, while the factory waits for the materials.


"The materials are being processed by the customs, which might take some two weeks," the factory source said. The source also said the factory has almost ran out stock. The masks go to Russia’s Southern Federal District and Moscow Region.

Rostov Region Health Minister Tatiana Bykovskaya said there so far have been no reports of mask price hike over the coronavirus outbreak.

"There is enough masks in the pharmacies," she assured.