Suspect in killing Azerbaijani student detained in Russia

# 01:21
22 June 2020

A suspect in the murder of a 17-year-old Azerbaijani citizen has been detained in the Russian city of Volgograd, APA's Russia bureau reports.

22-year-old Vitaly Vasilyev, suspected of murdering Timur Gavrilov, a first-year student of Volgograd Medical University, was detained near Smolensk region on June 12.

Vitaly Vasilyev, suspected of committing the crime, was identified by surveillance cameras. The motive of the crime is still unknown.

On the evening of June 12, the body of Timur Gavrilov, a first-year student at the Medical University in the Voroshilov district of Volgograd, was found with signs of violence. He was stabbed 20 times.