Terrorist eliminated in Russia’s Khimki planned terror attack in Moscow soon

# 19:55
27 July 2020

Tajik national Odil Kayumov were prepping to commit a terror attack in Moscow very soon before he was neutralized by security service officers, APA reports citing TASS.

"Kayumov was planning to organize a terror attack in one of the capital’s crowded places very soon, the preparations were almost completed," the source said, failing to disclose any other details but adding that the man had a plan to flee to Turkey immediately after the terror attack.

In turn, another source told TASS that the investigation is currently determining contacts of the terrorist. "Supposedly, he was looking for a safer place for a clandestine arsenal storage," TASS was told.

 The Tajik citizen was staying in Russia legally, a law enforcement agency source told TASS.

"According to preliminary information, Tajik citizen Odil Kayumov was in Russia legally and had a work patent," the source said. He added that Kayumov previously was not targeted by law enforcement agencies.

Earlier, the FSB public relations center revealed that a militant who had been preparing for a mass shooting in Moscow and a trip to Syria to join terrorists there was eliminated. The suspect was found around dilapidated garages in the Moscow Region’s Khimki. When officers attempted to detain him, he opened fire and was killed. When searching the site, an arms arsenal was seized: an AK-47 with a magazine case of 25 bullets, two extra magazines for it, two F-1 hand grenades and an RGD-1 grenade. Criminal proceedings were launched on the count of attempt on law enforcement agent’s life. FSB officers also searched his flat that he rented to discover proof that he was indeed in contact with emissaries of a international terrorist group in Syria and was prepping for a mass shooting. His possible accomplices are being looked for now.