Reparation of Red Bridge may end until end of year

# 13:31
9 September 2019

“Considered reparation works in Red Bridge are planned to finish until end of the year”, Fariz Huseynov, press secretary of State Service of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Development, and Rehabilitation under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan told APA.

According to him, rehabilitation works in the collapsed arch of the bridge, are to finished: “Furthermore, its top, sides, and caravanserai have already been cleaned from soil layer, restoration works in facade, parapet, and surface cover have been started.”

Note that the Red Bridge, located in Gazakh region, in the state border of Azerbaijan and Georgia, was constructed in the XII century by Azerbaijani architects. Length of the bridge is 175 m and it consists of 4 spans. Large places were built in left and right sides of the bridge, used as a caravanserai. Area of the left caravanserai is 116 sq m, while the area of right one is 166 sq m.

Rehabilitation works of the bridge were started in 2018.