AzIz appeals Israeli government on Armenia’s refusal to provide Azerbaijan with minefield maps

# 18:17
30 April 2021

The AzIz Israeli-Azerbaijani International Association has appealed to the Israeli political leadership and members of the Knesset (parliament) over Armenia's refusal to provide Azerbaijan with mine maps, State Committee on Work with the Diaspora told APA

The letter signed by  Lev Spivak, director-general of the Israel-Azerbaijan International Association (AzIz) addressed to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, members of parliament, mayors and deputy mayors read that Armenia refuses to hand over mine maps to Azerbaijan contrary to all international conventions and agreements reached, thus endangering the lives of thousands of people, prevents the return of about one million refugees and IDPs to their native lands.

Complete destruction of villages and cities by Armenian armed forces while leaving Azerbaijani territories, destruction of the infrastructure, killing of cattle that they can't take, burning of the houses, committing the environmental disaster through cutting trees in the forests, shelling missile on the cities of Azerbaijan far away from the frontline, as well as Ganja, living of a large The Jewish community in Ganja have been remembered.

It was noted that many Israeli companies are willing to work in the direction of the restoration of destroyed cities in the liberated lands of Azerbaijan, the reconstruction of industry and the revival of agriculture: “But, when the Armenian occupiers retreated, they mined all the territories. 20 Azerbaijani citizens have already died in the territories mined by Armenians, 80 people have got severe injuries. Such behavior of the Armenian side hinders the restoration of economic and cultural development in the liberated territories”.

The appeal calls on to support Azerbaijan's just and fair position in providing mine maps by Armenia and taking decisive steps to resolve this important issue.