Azerbaijanis in Chicago demand liberation of Azerbaijani lands from occupation

# 18:42
7 October 2020

The Azerbaijani Center for America’s Middle Western States functioning in Chicago City strictly condemned the last attacks of the invader Armenia against our country, the State Committee on Work with Diaspora told APA.

It was noted in the statement disseminated with signature of president of the center Farid Mammadov that in the times when the world wages struggle against the fearful coronavirus pandemic, the committing by Armenia’s armed forces of provocations on July 12 in Tovuz region and on September 27 along the whole front line, Azerbaijan’s cities situated far from Nagorno Garabagh, the rocket shelling by them on civilian residential settlements and facilities show the fascist and aggressive nature of this country.

Our compatriots called on the world community to put an end to Armenia’s aggressive policy, to take resolute steps for liberation of the Azerbaijani lands from occupation.