Azerbaijani, Turkish youth march in Tbilisi to protest against “Armenian genocide” rally

# 12:44
24 April 2018

The Armenian community in Georgia held a rally outside the Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi on Tuesday to commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the so-called “Armenian genocide,” APA’s local bureau reports.


Participants called for recognition of the “Armenian genocide”, waving the Armenian and Georgian flags. They also chanted slogans against Turkey.


The Turkish embassy, in response, organized a rally which involved Turkish and Azerbaijani youth and businessmen living Georgia. Photos of the Turkish diplomats killed by Armenian terrorists were exhibited in front of the embassy.


Turkey's Ambassador to Georgia Fatma Ceren Yazgan said that Armenians are not willing to give up the habit of lying. She thanked Azerbaijanis for supporting Turkey.


Participants waved the flags of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, chanting slogans like "End the Armenian lie!", "We have not forgotten the genocide Armenians committed in Karabakh!".


Azer Suleymanov, a member of the Georgian parliament said that true genocide acts were committed by Armenians against the people of Azerbaijan and Georgia.


A large number of police officers were deployed to the area to ensure security.