Azerbaijanis establishing online center in Kiev for ethnic nationalities

# 15:43
1 December 2016

Baku – APA. The Kiev-based International Coordination Center of Azerbaijanis of the World (ICCAW) is establishing an online center for diaspora organizations representing all nations of the world.


The United Diaspora of Ukrainian Azerbaijanis (UDUA) told APA that the ICCAW will invite all organizations to join the system.


Hikmet Javadov, Chairman of the UDUA Chairman and head of the ICCAW, said the online center aims to intensify exchange of ideas and projects between all diaspora organizations of the world.


“The Center will allow us to hold joint conferences with online translation, have online discussions of joint projects, and make quicker joint decisions. For this purpose, we are planning to hold meetings in countries where organizations of Azerbaijanis and Turkic-speaking nations as well as those of other friendly nations willing to join us are active. Organizations based in the US and Europe are the most active in this area. The online center will be open to all organizations,” he said.