Brussels to host int’l forum on separatism

# 13:31
23 October 2017

The Congress of European Azerbaijanis will organize an international forum on the theme “Threats to international peace and security posed by separatism” in Brussels on November 20-21.


The forum will be organized with the support of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Work with Diaspora.  


During the forum, lectures on threats to international peace and security posed by ethnic separatism will be heard with the participation of parliamentarians, influential political and public figures and experts from many countries, the State Committee told APA.


There will be discussions of border violations at regional and global levels, conflicts that have emerged as a result of separatism and ways of combating separatism. The main panel session will focus on separatism in Europe. Former state and government leaders from Ukraine, Moldova and Israel are expected to attend the panel. A separate panel session on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is also planned to be held within the framework of the forum.


The event is expected to bring together about 300 participants, including Azerbaijani state officials, MPs, members of the European Parliament and parliaments of several European countries, as well as MPs, politicians from several countries suffering from separatism, heads of Azerbaijani diaspora organizations in Europe, scientists and media representatives.