Georgian president calls for condemnation of military aggression worldwide

# 09:50
16 March 2017

Military aggression must be condemned worldwide, and there is a need to believe in international law in order to maintain global peace and harmony in the world, said President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili.


He made the remarks addressing a panel discussion entitled “The Future of International Relations”, held as part of the Fifth Global Baku Forum on March 16.


“After the occupation of Georgia’s territory, the same thing happened to Crimea. That’s also the situation faced by Ukraine now. Such cases are a threat to all countries. We should condemn military aggression and not turn a blind eye to it. If we want to maintain global peace and harmony in the world, we must believe in international law,” added Margvelashvili. 


"Going back to 30 years ago to have a look at our thinking about the future of the world, we will see that our thoughts were more optimistic," said Georgia’s leader. "We thought the end of “cold war" would bring more opportunities, peace, and cooperation. But the world we’re witnessing today has terrorism, massacres, and wars.”


Margvelashvili noted that Georgia has become a partner in global security and stability.


"We believe in international cooperation. We are taking part in missions in Afghanistan and Africa. Part of Georgia's territory has been occupied by its neighbor, Russia, a powerful nuclear country. Our country is contributing to global security, but at the same time it’s suffering while doing so,” he added.  


The president went on to say that Georgia offers Azerbaijan and Turkey open partnership and are ready for future development projects.