Pashinyan-PKK cooperation: Armenia's plans to turn Caucasus into a "barrel of gunpowder"

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21 September 2020

“Armenia deploys terrorist groups from the Middle East in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. These terrorist groups consist of fighters specializing in military training and diversion operations,” prestigious agency of Egypt “Cairo 24” and Russia’s information portal have written about the cooperation of Pashinyan’s government with terrorists, and plans of terrorist state Armenia to turn the Caucasus into a "barrel of gunpowder" like the Middle East.

Firstly, let’s start with the information which can be considered as a sensation published in the Cairo website of Egypt. The article titled The article "Loser Governments Seek to Use Terrorist Elements" says that after the provocation, committed in July this year on the state border with Azerbaijan, Armenia integrated RKK terrorists from the Middle East into its army. It is noted that the PKK terrorist organization and its branch in Syria PYD fighters have been deployed in Armenia and from there to the occupied Nagorno Garabagh. It has been stated that Iran has been used as a transit country in the transportation of these terrorists from Iraq and Syria.

According to the information obtained by Egyptian information resource, a terrorist group of 25 people sent to Armenia in July, have gathered in PKK’s camp in Kandil by crossing to Iraq from Turkey. A group of 25 terrorists has crossed into Armenia after staying for a few days at the Hamza headquarters of the Jerusalem Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Iranian city of Urmia.

The article says that in addition to the group of 25 people, there are two more terrorist groups to be sent to Armenia. It was noted that 250 PKK terrorists who will play the role of a "strike group" to capture new positions are currently waiting in Iran to cross into Armenia, an additional group of 25 people was deployed to the Makhmur military base located on the south of Erbil, Iraq then was later relocated to headquarters to of Harakat al-Nujab Hezbollah's Iraq branch.

The fact that the groups deployed to the occupant country consist of fighters specialized in organizing attacks hinted that the Armenian army has new plans to attack Azerbaijan through sabotage and terrorism.

Another interesting point in the article is information on Armenia's supply of Russian-made missile systems to PKK terrorists in defense of unmanned aerial vehicles in exchange for fighting on their side.

According to the website, the commander of the terrorist organization in Kandil, Jamil Bayik, has been appointed to send a Russian-made missile complex from Armenia to the PKK.

Let’s come to the article written by Russian website …On the article titled “Armenia's activation in the Middle East: How does it threaten, Russia” the author Nikolay Korsakov tried to find an answer to the question of the risks posed to Moscow by Yerevan's becoming more active in the region on the background of the Middle East visit of the occupant country's foreign minister.

Linking Armenia's foreign policy activity in this direction to the Turkish factor, the author drew attention to the information about the transfer of PKK militants to Garabagh. 

It is noted in the article that by such an activeness Armenia risks with getting started dangerous regional processes with unimaginable outcomes.

Armenia who disrupted the process of negotiations with Azerbaijani also for its domestic political interests along with other reasons and faced the risk of new military operations now pursues the goal of using terrorists brought from Syria and Iraq and consequently decreases the military personnel losses of its army in possible combat operations. The Russian author stressing that this operation is conducted at the level of Armenia’s Ministry of Defense referred to the announcement by the official Yerevan of the establishment of people’s self-defense detachments in the country in recent days. He said the people’s self-defense detachments are excellent means of drawing a curtain over-involvement of mercenaries from abroad and use them in combat operations.

The author stressed that in order to distract the attention of the world community from its activity, Armenia at the level of its ministers and Armenians of Garabagh tries to bring into circulation in public space the information about bringing in Azerbaijan of some terrorists and even ISID members. While this is quite a weak fake that was tested as long ago as in the April war of 2016.

Thus, the Russian author confirmed that the information circulated in the local media about the alleged sending of armed mercenaries and terrorists to Azerbaijan after the border incident in Tovuz was Armenian propaganda and fake news.

Korsakov also wrote that Yerevan, which deploys PKK forces in the region, is trying to internationalize the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. According to him, Russia's involvement in the South Caucasus, the recruitment of mercenaries from the Middle East to the South Caucasus, and the growing militarization of the region near Russia, including elements controlled by foreign forces, are clearly against the Kremlin's interests.

Since 2015, Russia has sent troops to Syria to fight terrorists on the far front and prevent them from approaching their borders. Today, on the contrary, Yerevan imports terrorist elements from the Middle East near Russia's borders.

Farid Akbarov

APA's Moscow Correspondent