Penitentiary Service disseminated information in connection with Tofig Yagublu

# 16:35
13 September 2020

"Tofig Yagublu who was sentenced to imprisonment, in accordance with the law was provided with material and living conditions in remand prison No. 3, his rights were not limited, he periodically met and talked on the phone with his family members and lawyers," the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice told APA.

According to Service, Yagublu went on a hunger strike in protest against the court's decision, and his lawyers filed an appeal against the court's verdict.

Appropriate explanatory conversations were held with T. Yagublu, he was received by the Ombudsman, he was advised to stop the hunger strike in order to avoid health problems. Conditions were created for his meeting with representatives of the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in our country.

Along with this, in order to exercise constant medical control over his health, he was placed in the first-aid post of the pre-trial detention center, his condition was stable. At the same time, at the request of T. Yagublu, conditions were created there so that his familiar doctor from the civil sector, Adil Geybulla, could examine, treat him and monitor his health.

For the convenience and greater accessibility of treatment, A. Geybulla asked to transfer T. Yagublu to the City Hospital, where he works.

As a manifestation of humanism and concern for the health of T. Yagublu, he was transferred to a civil hospital - to the “City Hospital”.

As A. Geybulla told the media representatives, the examination and treatment of T. Yagublu will be continued under his control in the City Hospital.