A year passes since liberation of Zangilan's Agbend village from occupation

A year passes since liberation of Zangilan
# 22 October 2021 00:01 (UTC +04:00)

A year has passed since the day of liberation from the occupation of the village of Agbend, Zangilan region, APA reports.

Еhe Azerbaijani army liberated a fairly large territory and settlements from the Armenian occupation with a counter-offensive that began on September 27, 2020.

Successful operations were carried out along the Araz River, a lot of enemy manpower and equipment were destroyed, a heavy defeat was inflicted, as a result of which the enemy was forced to retreat.

On the 26th day of counter-offensive operations - October 22, 2020, the village of Agbend, Zangilan region, was liberated from occupation. Thus, the border of Azerbaijan with Iran with a length of 132 kilometers was completely cleared of the occupiers.

On October 22, the Azerbaijani army liberated another 20 settlements - the villages of the Fizuli region - Mollaveli, Yukhary Refendili, Ashagi Refendeli, the villages of the Jabrayil region - Sirik, Shikhlar, Mastalybeyli, Darzili, the villages of the Zangilan region - Kollugyshlag, Malatkeshin, Zangilan, Gennilik , Tiri, Amirkhanli, Gargulu, Bartaz and Dellekli.

The liberation of the village of Agbend from occupation is of great political and military importance. Having liberated Agbend from occupation, Azerbaijan, 30 years later, completely restored control over the border with Iran, went to the border with Armenia in the southwest direction. This dealt another blow to Armenia in military and psychological terms.

The Agbend victory played an important role in the subsequent course of the 44-day war. The Armenian army, unable to withstand the attacks of the Azerbaijani army from several directions, was forced to leave the territory and retreat to its border.