Azerbaijan detains 12 illegal immigrants

Azerbaijan detains 12 illegal immigrants
# 18 July 2017 11:55 (UTC +04:00)

Twelve illegal immigrants have been detained in Azerbaijan as a result of series of measures taken by the country’s State Migration Service (SMS), the SMS press service told APA.

Of them, five are citizens of Pakistan, two – India, two – Nepal, one – Sierra Leone, one – Nigeria. One of them has dual citizenship (Palestine and Jordan).

The investigation revealed that Pakistani citizen Zikar Ullah, who was deported from Azerbaijan for violating the migration legislation, had deceptively brought his five compatriots (Hussain Muhammad Waqar, Ahmad Sarfraz, Haidar Irfan, Ali Faizan, Ahmed Shakeel) and two Nepalese citizens (K C Sunil, Shrestha Anu) to Azerbaijan for being employed here.

Zikar Ullah, met the aforementioned nine persons in Azerbaijan, placed them in different apartments he had rented, promising that he would get them a permit for temporary residence and a work permit for paid labor. He also promised to have them employed.

It was noted that another 43 people who fell into Zikar Ullah’s hands were identified by the State Migration Service and deported from Azerbaijan.

Detainees Banya Sama Kai (Sierra Leone) and Nigerian citizen (Eze Chukuemeka), who are students of Azerbaijan Technical University, obtained a temporary residence permit from the State Migration Service. However, they became illegal migrants as they did not leave the country after university.

Also, the investigations made it clear that Jebreen M.S. Awad, who has dual citizenship, graduated from Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction but returned to Azerbaijan for work. He came to agreement with Ok Tour travel company and obtained permits from Md international LLC, a company he never worked for. However, when the LLC went out of business, Jebreen managed to get a permit for temporary residence as an owner of real estate.

The aforementioned persons were taken administrative measures against.

The State Migration Service continues carrying out measures against illegal immigration.