Azerbaijani media reps: It’s inadmissible to spread disinformation of Armenian sources

Azerbaijani media reps: It’s inadmissible to spread disinformation of Armenian sources
# 28 February 2017 11:31 (UTC +04:00)

Armenians engage in disinformation to upset Azerbaijanis, and unfortunately, in some online media outlets in Azerbaijan are managed by unprofessional people who spread this sort of information, Rashad Majid, editor-in-chief of the newspaper 525th, told APA.


He was commenting on the dissemination by some local media outlets of information as well as photos and videos spread by Armenians claiming to be of the latest incidents on the contact line of Armenian and Azerbaijani troops.

“I understand people and the tension they experience in conditions of shortage of information. But still, we have to be patient so as not to lose the information warfare,” he said.  


He noted that the Press Council has held serious discussions in this regard since last year’s April operations.


“It hasn’t been possible for the time being to find a way to tackle this issue. Perhaps the responsibility of online media will also be defined in the future. Every serious person of media is concerned by these issues,” said the chief editor. “Sometimes it stems from unprofessionalism on social networks and online media and sometimes it comes from patriotism and emotionality. Either way, the result is that we unintentionally lend a hand to the enemy.”


President of APA Holding Vusale Mahirgizi said that it is inadmissible of Azerbaijani news websites to copy and share pieces of information about the latest developments published by Armenian media.

She noted that it is unacceptable to refer to other news, videos or photos of other sources except the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry and reliable information sources.


“We can demand official information sources to be more operative. There may be objective and subjective reasons for a delay in the dissemination of news. Personally, I favor a more rapid work for the local and international communities to refer to Azerbaijani sources. Obtaining information and disseminating it is a natural right of media,” Mahirgizi said.


She stressed the inadmissibility of referring to Armenian disinformation, calling for a legal action to be taken against the media outlets which are continuing such activities despite repeated warnings.     


“Necessary legal steps should be taken in this regard. Serving the Armenian propaganda machine and distributing Armenian disinformation is a crime,” said Mahirgizi, noting that Armenian disinformation is aimed at dispiriting the Azerbaijani people.


Speaking to APA, Rauf Arifoglu, editor-in-chief of Yeni Musavat, stressed that the spread of any provocative information of the Armenian side by Azerbaijani media outlets is inadmissible and it serves the purposes of the Armenians.

“We should be careful especially in such cases. However, I think that the Defense Ministry and other official bodies need to improve information policy. We shouldn’t allow the internal auditory to be dictated the information policy by other countries’ news websites, as well as those belonging to Armenians. We should be provided with prompt news as in April last year to prevent such provocations. I have seen the latest materials. It is not right to disseminate them with inaccurate origin, whereas I think that those who pursue the official information policy of Azerbaijan should create opportunities for media to act promptly and provide it with information”, he said. 


Arifoglu said Armenian disinformation is aimed at to create a stir among Azerbaijanis.


“They intend to agitate the Azerbaijani people, especially social network users with such news and make them feel pessimist. My call is that we, the media, should regard this issue as world war. In such cases, the news sector of the Defense Ministry should work extra hours and doesn’t allow the enemy’s provocation to be realized.”